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Roommate Search  
10:43pm 07/04/2009
So, the friend who was supposed to move in with me, has decided not to move in despite her supposed to be moving in sunday. This is obviously a strain and I am in need of someone for May 1st or earlier.

So as a reiteration:

I'm looking for a roommate for May 1st or earlier in a two bedroom apartment for $550 all inclusive.

Included in the Rent is:
Heat, Hydro, Water, Phone and, Internet

There is also a washer and dryer in the basement though they are coin operated and therefore not part of the rent though accessible.

The apartment is fairly spacious and whoever moves in would be getting the Master bedroom 10'4" X 15'6".

It is walking distance from:
College Square
Algonquin College
Baseline Station (including 95 route)
118 Route
A Public Library
and, right beside our building is the rental office and a Mac's

Current Roommate (ie me):
Has one female cat
Fairly clean
and is currently a Social Work student at Carleton

I'm looking to set up plans for a new roommate as soon as I can. Please let me know if you or someone you know is interested.

Contact me by commenting, emailing aurora.jade.pichette@gmail.com or, phoning 613.422.1253

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