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Amusing thing of the day  
10:05am 29/03/2009
This will amuse a few people. mingmei was visiting Ottawa and her and I were standing in Rideau Center in what is normal for the two of us. A girl comes up to us and asks "hey! Are you here for the cosplay." We're like "...umm.. no this is how we always dress."
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Looking for a Roommate April 1st  
03:55pm 09/03/2009
I'm looking for a roommate for April 1st in a two bedroom apartment for $550 all inclusive.

Included in the Rent is:
Heat, Hydro, Water, Phone and, Internet

There is also a washer and dryer in the basement though they are coin operated and therefore not part of the rent though accessible.

The apartment is fairly spacious and whoever moves in would be getting the Master bedroom 10'4" X 15'6".

It is walking distance from:
College Square
Algonquin College
Baseline Station (including 95 route)
118 Route
A Public Library
and, right beside our building is the rental office and a Mac's

Current Roommate (ie me):
Has one female cat
Fairly clean
and is currently a Social Work student at Carleton

I'm looking to set up plans for a new roommate as soon as I can. Please let me know if you or someone you know is interested.

Contact me by commenting, emailing aurora.jade.pichette@gmail.com or, phoning 613.422.1253

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(no subject)  
12:50am 07/03/2009
Mel's moving out in a month. Send people looking for somewhere to live my way.
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11:41am 26/01/2009

lyricsCollapse )
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music: Sarah McLachlan - Fallen
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(no subject)  
11:31pm 16/01/2009
They will be taking Steve off life support at 1pm on saturday. They are still accepting visitors overnight, currently Faye, his mother, step-dad and brother are with him. If you want to see him then I suggest doing it before that. The wake will be in Windsor, but there are plans in motion for a Ottawa poetry tribute to him.

I spent the day at the hospital. Thats... apparently all I can write.

You will be missed greatly.. Geek heil!
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(no subject)  
01:14pm 16/01/2009
Steve is being taken off life support is in the Civic ICU and people should come as immediately as possible if they want to see him. He is at the point where his brain damage is so bad that he won't be able to respond and he will die within the next day.
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(no subject)  
03:16pm 03/01/2009
Awww the son is so sweet in this.

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True Horror  
06:20pm 21/12/2008
This is awesome its a series hosted by Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nathan Wallace/Repo Man from Repo! A Genetic Opera). In the series he goes to look at the truth of Zombies, Witches, Demons, Werewolves and, Vampires.

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(no subject)  
04:05pm 14/12/2008
Were these past two days real?

Also anyone who knows things about Succubi or Incubi, that would be very very helpful right now.
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Why Not?  
02:19pm 11/12/2008

The Life Experience Test

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Your average life experience score is therefore 60%.

The average score is 51%, making your experiences more than 74% of the people who have taken this test.
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Broken down by category:
Art: 13/17 (76%)
Career & Work: 8/13 (62%)
Civics & Technology: 6/7 (86%)
Crime & Disarray: 4/11 (36%)
Education: 10/18 (56%)
Fashion: 7/10 (70%)
Fitness, Health and Sports: 3/7 (43%)
Life in General: 9/14 (64%)
Relationships: 10/14 (71%)
Religion & Politics: 2/4 (50%)
Social: 15/22 (68%)
Travel: 3/20 (15%)
Vices: 11/12 (92%)
Take the test and see how YOU compare
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